Thu, 12/01/2016 - 11:44 -- gege

Martain Luther King  once said that I had a dream 

that we would all be together and free

but that dream was burned alive 

in front of our eyes

when our only crime was surviving

But I guess that's enough to put a target on our backs


Making the ghost of the unknown

Killing us one by one 

and the country won't even bat an eye

Like its all yesterday's news

While their mothers are crying

Knowing that their baby has left without her


Always watch your back

Caused you never know when 

they might get alittle tigger happy

and has to his friend

"hey you want to go hunting today?"

God bless America

land of the hypocrites and endangered species

We all just live our lives with a target on our backs


Killing what little history we have left

Destorying the last that we build together

Right before our very eyes

By any means necessary

we coward in fear

praying for our families to come back alive

from the soilders of the 1% 

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My country
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