Light Lost

Sun, 02/11/2018 - 13:58 -- NK0618

Dear Adventurer, 


As you reach the Forests,

The greatest challenges await

Tests of your true self

And desire to adhere to the path.


The trees' darkness emanates with pressure

Forcing you into the ground...but

The fight is not yet lost,

However dark the once-light road gets,

its identity remains.


Fallen trees taunt the mind,

and stones block the well-traveled path;

what will you do?

Will you let them block your way,

turn east when north is true?


What of the others you pass by

and their place on the spectrum of success

how will you let that affect your journey?

Some see the race, others the goal

Which do you see?

Who do you wish to travel with?


The greatest danger will be with you always.

Questions may arise

regarding the purpose of your endeavors.

What purpose is there in this?

Why must I follow a changing map

Hoping to reach the end of a journey I didn't wish to start?


This is what defines the adventurer.

The one who reaches through the broken window to find the lightswitch

The one who travels through when others turn away

The one who can choose his allies and enemies with the end in mind

And the one who seeks

questions over answers.


Onward with strength,









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