Long Ago Days

Long Ago Days


The Chirp of the Sparrow, the Sound of the Thrush;

Strike Me as Not having the Time, for Our Work a Day Rush.

Though the Plod of the Shire Horse, Pulling His Load;

And the Sound of the Plough Cutting Furrows, for Seed to be Sown.


Conjures Up a Picture, of Man in Harmony;

With the Natural Tempo of Life.

Distant Days Now, From Our Troubles ad Strife.


For Those in Their Office, Wearing Collars and Ties;

Pressing Buttons and Watching the Computers Reply.


I Ask, is it Natural?  And What Does it Mean?

To be Conditioned from Nature, When the Grass is So Green.

From The Forest and Woods, Valleys and Hills;

Our Natural Environment, Which Progress Kills.


For to See Clouds, Radiant White,

Hammering and Blending with the Light.

And Dark Blue of the Sky, to Feel;

The Pulse of Nature, Synchronised with Mine.

With the Swallow and Swift, Darting through the Air;

It Strikes Me, These Are, the True Values, for Which We Should Care!


Though, the True Picture.

Minority, Greed, Escalates, at an Increasing Rate;

No Horse and Cart, Could Ever Keep Pace.

Raping The Resources, of Our Depleting World.

When We Turn a Blind Eye, and Give a Deaf Ear,

This is How Dictatorships Subdue Us with Fear!


We’ve Abandoned the Land, and the Community, where We All Pulled Together.

We’ve Lost Sight of The Gorse Bush and the Blooming Heather;

And Become Slaves, Servants to the Industrial Age.

Automatons, to the Machine that Controls’ Our Brains.


Oh, Away With Petrol Engines, Jets and Electric Trains;

Bring Us Back to the Days, When Harmony, Spirituality, Held the Reigns.

For Silicon Chip, Technical Age;

You’ll Never Compare, With Those, Long Ago Days! 

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