Inheritor of life liver of Moment's to Skipper of day, of but who else only I I am and can speak for that man, so then speak your matter’ I choose to skip this matter’/ click they're choose/ /click I'll skip. Their choose /click
Skip again. /their choose/ click yes that's I and I'm looking for two man? ( two of the crowd yelled as if they must know the higher pitch voice ‘two man’.). Then on a higher but feather ReSound one of the crowd duplicating the previous but louder ‘Two mann’ as if shock and disbelief. Now everyone gets it! /Click everyone now faces each other just like that /click I'm looking for a keeper and hold man, /click begin staring at each other just like that \click ‘SO'
/Click then just like that ‘hold /click I'm that man/ click great you're coming with me/ click I'm ready /click…….
Just like that click I'm the keeper man /click
You're coming to/ click I'm ready /click my brothers finally.


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