The Last Leaf of Winter

The Last Leaf of Winter

I Am The Last Leaf of Winter, Still Clinging to My Branch;

Though All Through The Autumn, The Wind Howled, You Haven’t a Chance.

Steadfast and Resilient, I Adhere to My Wrinkled Form;

Still Cherishing The Memory, of The Bud, Where I Was Born.


There in The Green Canopy, I Spend Many a Lazy Day;

Watching Spring Lambs, Going About Their Play.

Oh How it Made Me Laugh, To See The Magpies Fight;

If Only to Hear Them Bickering, Did Bring Me Such Delight.


At Night I Used to Count The Stars;

Thought About The Butterflies, Children Collected in Jars.

Dreamt I Was a Meteorite, Falling From The Sky;

Woke Up Startled, As I Didn’t Want to Die!


As The Season Now Advances, Watching Crane Fly Perform Her Dances;

Silver Cobwebs Everywhere, My Friend The Ladybird, She Did Take Care.


Changing Now From Green to Gold,

My Brothers and Sisters, Did Leave The Fold.

Falling Slowly Down to Earth;

They Have Enabled Another Ring, to Go Round The Girth.


For I Am The Last Leaf of Winter, Still Clinging to My Branch;

And I Didn’t Listen, To The Autumn Gales That Howled;

You Have No Chance!

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