Pure Nostalgia

Palms drenched in sweat and
A little bit of anxiety, it's natural
It's your heart, boy, she's making you feel a certain way


The day you finally kiss
Wasn't that a wonderful day?
Believe me, I know
I was there, on one of those days


I admire your tension
You have family and friends to impress,
serenade them
Her parents are old fashioned
Her friends, a bit of a mess
In the good way


And oh! The day you finally embrace
Wasn't that a wonderful day?
Isn't she soft? I hope you caress
Her petals, touch her like flowers
and slide your hand within
The bouquet, listen to the way


She begs, and begs
"Again" and "Again"
We're just children after all
Learning to play a game of feel good
I could play you forever, but you want
That boy to play you, like a guitar


And that's fine, but close your eyes
Be honset, when you tell the world how he makes you feel
It will only ever remind me how you felt
On one of those days

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