From Different Mothers and Different Fathers

When you look at the night sky and inhale the cold air
Of a cold night in the great city...
You feel refreshed
From sitting in that small apartment all day
Cluttered full of your brothers and sisters
From different mothers
Different fathers
It calms your mind
And makes you remember who you want to become
And where you come from.
It informs you that regardless of where you come from
You can walk down these streets
With your fur coat hanging on your shoulders
And a smile on your face
Knowing that you made it in life regardless
Of that clutter in your apartment
And your brothers and sisters with
Different mothers and fathers
It informs you that the life you have now..
Is only a trail
When I look in that night sky and inhale the cold air
Of the cold night in the great city,
I look towards the future unlike
My brothers and sisters
Who can not comprehend where they come from,
They do not know who they want to become,
Because of their different mothers
And their different fathers

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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