The Little-Big things

Sat, 10/08/2016 - 01:46 -- Maxlezz

What energizes one in early morning?

            The favorite song drifting through the air

            The symbol that the day is not for mourning,

            But the beginning of the new, awakened by the music blare


What shares with us the warmth of universe?

            The morning light, which always is diverse

            The light that gives beginning to unknown new world –

            The day, which possibly will change the letters on the board


What comes to get one moving?

            A cup of tea with lemon-sun

            And on the spoon is lonely mount Sugar

            And steam is rising slowly towards dawn


What makes one always lightly talk?

            Through the morning air to slowly walk,

            Enjoying every moment spent outside

            With a pleasant thought walking by your side


What makes the mind be so free and light?

            It’s being nice to someone and polite

            When sure it’ll make the grumpy smile,

            Connecting you with a transparent line


What lets the strength flow in the veins?

            The challenges accepted, undertaken, done

            Those help one breaking all restraints

            And soar above the vanities below


But coming back on Earth,

            What makes one see the other life?

            The pet, which walks and lingers near hearth -

            A favorite little friend of yours


What inspires one to keep going on?

            It is with doing what one fell in love

            It is what one anticipates before the day is gone

            It is what makes the struggles seem less tough


What makes one’s heartbeat faster?

What thrills a person through?

            What makes the great seem greater?

            What makes the world seem brighter, real, true?


What makes one’s cheeks ache

            After smiling for all day?

            Why someone uses word “adore”?

            What makes the ships sail into their bay?


The greatest power on the chart

            Something that is both and neither hawk and dove

            It sleeps, but suddenly ignites one’s heart

            We, people, call it “love”       



** - I would like to thank everyone who got to this point and tell that I appreciate your attention and patience.

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