Dear Dad



Dear dad

You left so soon

I didn't even get to make you proud

You promised you'd watch me graduate, grow, marry

But you're not here now

You didn't even see me turn 18

Cancer ate away at your lungs and

You slowly forgot who I was

But I forgive you dad

I forgave you long ago

But that doesn't make it hurt less

It doesn't make it okay

Cancer took your soul and your hope from your body

But really you left me long before your body did

Little did I know that would be our last conversation 

Little did I know that would be the last time I held your hand

And little did I know, this pain was only the start

Of a deeper understanding of life, growth, and grief 

You're not here now, but I guess that's okay

Dad I love you anyway

Someday I'll walk down the aisle

And I know you'll smile

Because little did you know, 

I'll keep your last name

To honor you, and live a life

That will make you proud 

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My family
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