Glass Shields

I am a lover of communication,

But I am fearful of how it may seem.

I am a fan of old fashioned oration,

These things are important to me.


 I’ve seen the way we feel, and I know we like to flee,

We avoid the abstruse field,

How plain it is to see.


Never taking any risks, nor daring to jump in,

But cowering atop glass lifeboats,

Some never try to swim.


Why look them in the eye,

When a text is just as good?

Who needs to talk in person,

We would if we thought we could.


This media’s not social,

In fact the reverse.

When we rely on a crutch,

Our pain grows much worse.  


Among the fearsome waves,

Across the daunting ocean blue.

The one who stands in your way my friend,,

Is really only you.


Take a risk, I beg you, please,

And lower your glass shields.

Only turn your gaze,

And you may tread the open field.


I am a lover of words and speeches,

Though I am fearful of how they may seem.

I am a fan of old fashioned oration,

My words are important

to me.  


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My community
Our world
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