What goes up must come down.


It's the law of gravity.


You throw a ball up into the air and what does it do?


It falls right back down towards the ground at the acceleration of 9.81m/s squared.


It’s the exact acceleration of anything in freefall,

Despite its weight or mass,

Despite its shape or value,

It falls right back to the ground at 9.81m/s squared.


So specific.


Well yes.

Yes, because it is important for you to understand this principle of behavior.


You see, the same law occurs in life.


Let’s pretend you were a ball, and I threw you up in the air…


I threw you up so high that you could see the birds and touch the clouds.

I threw you so high that you were gathered up in a breeze, taken across the entirety of the city.

I threw you so high that you were enveloped into a storm, tossed and turned in the wind and rain.

I threw you so high that you emerged from the chaos and floated above the atmosphere.


At this point, you’ve stopped.


For the briefest of moments, you're exposed to one of the most stunning of natural masterpieces.

The sky is painted a pretty titian shade spotted with drops of fuchsia and indigo

The sun shines and sparkles in your peripheral view, glinting and gleaming off of your rounded form.

A heavenly phenomenon.


Yet what goes up, must always come down

And after the briefest of moments, you fall.


You fall right back through the treacherous storms, being pushed forcefully by the wind

You fall right back down towards the heart of the city, tumbling in the breeze

You fall right back down through the clouds and past the birds

You fall right back down until you reach the ground and your journey comes to an end.


Your life comes to an end.


While in the air, you were exposed to a multitude of different situations and scenarios.

You saw beauty and chaos

You were really living.


But in the end, gravity takes its course.


Life takes its course.


Because all that lives must die,


And all that goes up must come down.

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