Greetings From a Bag

Tue, 07/05/2016 - 14:05 -- Author

What if we exchanged bags instead of handshakes?

Objects instead of greetings?

To piece someone together, would we need to use the brakes?

Could we not delve into their bag and forgo any meetings?

Let’s try it today, a simple test you see; I’ll leave you my bag and maybe you can attest to new memories.

Reach in, go ahead; don’t be scared.


First, a contacts case- guess she’s visually impaired.

But vision is only part of the story, for here’s a magnifying glass

Use it as she does: look deep within and yet beyond the mountain pass.

A hint of make-up and glitter: she must be on stage and not a quitter.

Oh yes! You’re right- a Bharathnatyam belt falls out

Must that be for all the performances? No doubt.

Now a stethoscope and scalpel, big dreams she wishes to tackle.

But get grounded to reality, for there’s a homework pass that’s been saved away for infinity.

A bent bookmark glides to the floor, waiting to be used;

Along with a badminton racket and some “country-cross” shoes.

A pair of favorite sunglasses, chapstick, and some treasured seashells;

Looks like this damsel enjoys spontaneous road trips upon hearing silent bells.

A microphone from the spotlight bounces down;

And look! A Polaroid holding memories from last time in town.

Finally, tucked away is a smiley-face sticker demonstrating optimism and a unique sense of vigor.

Alas, time is up; Good-bye dear friend.


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