Real Love

What is love?


Love is carrying a baby for nine months knowing the sacrifice it takes

Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours because of their sake

Love is a battle of compromise and communication

Love should be the glue that holds together a falling nation



It’s meant to be timeless, endless, and pure

Not an imaginary lust which is only meant to lure

Love should create happiness, it should give you strength

It should break walls and take you to impossible lengths


When a mother exclaims, “because I love you” we know it's true

She continues to spend energy just caring for you

When the world turns against you she is the only one

And it’s because she loves you that your life continues to run


Because I love you I will sacrifice everything to protect your heart

Because that’s what mothers taught us from the very start


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Our world
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I find that whether it be with a significant other or even a friend, the word love has lost its true meaning. These days it's used very loosely through phrases on social media such as "ily(I love you)" knowing that you haven't even known this person for a year. However, I find that one of the strongest forms of love is shown by a mom to its child. And although no one could truly display this type of affection, I still believe that people can be taught so much from its values and lessons, which I breifly explain in my poem. When I read the phrase "because I love you", the first this that came to my mind was when my mom drove hours when she was very ill just to pick me up. And when I asked why, she stared at me with a very tired look and said, "because I love you". 

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