Sun, 10/11/2015 - 20:53 -- awanod
My beautiful bird.
Your spirit free, your heart, a song.
I listen to it trip and tumble over melodies and scales, reaching over intervals to tap a solo on my eardrums.
I watch as your light body floats in the sky.
But soon it's floating on the sea 
And i will you to get up
And i will you to be yourself 
And i will you to be free 
Of these waves.
They pull at you and they unknowingly try to tug your spirit from your ribs.
And as i struggle amongst my own waves,
I look over to you.
And i will you to get up.
And i will you to be free .
And i wish it were that easy.
I wish i could still the seas slowly strangling your sweet soul from your stomach .
I wish i could breathe life back into your hollow-boned frame.
I wish i could place some of the fire in your song and in your eyes in between your beak.
I wish it were that easy.
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