Love Hurts

I'm alright…

That was what you told me

You always said that I'd be alright…

But that was before you left


Things only got harder from there

And now I've become worse for wear

I can feel my world starting to tear

I let you tear my world into pieces

Each piece made for a puzzle

That no longer exists


I tried dating after you left…

As a test,

And it was great

But even then,

Sometimes I missed you


And now that he's gone too

I miss you more than ever,

I miss you because you made life simpler

Everything seemed easier


With you,

My memories were just that…

Only memories

But on days like today,

My memories are sharp

Like the knife

That stabbed me in the back…


It showed to me

The necessities

That I lack…

You are a necessity

That I now lack


I'm begging please,

Come back to me

I need you…

My naivety

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