Beautiful Girls and Endless Poems


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Silent nights lay rest to broken hearts

The hands of the strong hold the feathers of damaged birds

Your warm smile puts back together the shattered pieces of me

I hope you're holding me to feel my heart and keep me warm

Not so you can keep my wings from growing bigger than yours


Still we the let the tears fall into empty beds

And watch as our sadness creates a river

As the salt creates a sea and our laughs create the sun

My heart beats things into existence just to feel your smile

My eyes glaze over you the way a violent wave glides over the sand on the ocean floor


If restless movements wrapped you in would you try and settle it,

Or would you learn to live with the kicking?

Do the painful strokes make you feel a connection?

Every time her skin connects with yours do you feel like she's leaving a piece of her with you

Is that why you sustained to the pain?


Do her deep brown eyes make you feel like you're sinking?

I see you trying to catch a ride on her train of thought

but you haven't been able to handle the way it curves

Your fleeing from wide ranges of light to feel free

She cut off her hair to keep you warm but

you threw it in the ashes to keep a dead fire burning


So tell me;

How many broken hearts before your ground is bloody enough?

How many tears before your river is big enough?

How many kicks before this connection means enough?

How many more poems do I have to write before I'm enough?


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