Be love

If I were lost in the middle of the sea

and I don´t have time to plan my trip.

There is only one thing that I would like,

it is not my cell phone or a snack to bite.


It can be louder than your alarm

or even stronger than Superman,

but as long as you believe in it 

you could live forever in the sea.


Love is the reason why I started to live,

and it is why one day, I will stop to breathe.

Cause if I stop loving the life that I have,

why would I wake up and open my eyes?


Maybe I won´t have a smile in my face everyday,

cause I may feel sad or angry, and even afraid.

But I wouldn't be sure that the storms have an end,

I would just quit and give up to the things that I've earned.


Love is eternal, light and free,

it makes me stand strong in my feet.

Love is a daily fight that teaches,

that if you want, you can be the richest!


Let yourself feel the love

Let yourself be love

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