I am discipline and determined


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44° 5' 16.3536" N, 123° 6' 22.3164" W

I  am discilpine and determined 

I wonder how successful I'll be in life 

I hear the beauitful birds singing along with me 

I see the amazing sunsets almost before my bed time 

I want to go to college and be a good leader for others .

I am discipline and determined 

I pretend to be a fashion designer

I feel that my teachers have a lot of faith in me 

I touch the awesome snow flakes in the snow

I worry about people that are over weight and what can I do yo help them

I cry when others are made fun of.

I am discipline and determined

I understand that if you believe it you can achieve it 

I say don't let others tell you what you can't do because you can 

I dream that someday I will be strong as a body builder 

I try my very hardest each and everyday to pay attention to my teachers 

I hope that I'll be successful in school

I am discipline and determined 

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