Wed, 07/06/2016 - 12:13 -- hillay

I remember being lost;
In a dark, ominous realm.
There were random faceless beings surrounding me.
They all began to speak simultaneously,
Telling me their problems at a constant rate.

I was overwhelmed.
Because they began to multiply.
The echoes of their shrieks grew LOUDER and LOUDER.
I could not hear myself think!
I only heard what they felt.



Collapsing to the pitch black ground,
I looked up at the beings with remorse.
I could feel the flames of hatred
From their glowing crimson red eyes
Burning my skin to a crisp.

Their tumultuous chants turned to scolded words
Becoming a poisonous gas
Suffocating me.
Stripping me of my ability to speak.
I no longer had a voice.

However, in a blink of an eye
A familiar white light appeared before me.
The light shined across the realm,
Eradicating the faceless beings.
It was warm and radiant
I could hear the light's voice

It fed my ears with great wonders
The brilliant light resided in me;
Alleviating the scorching pain
And I was blessed with a new voice;

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