Life As You Know It

Dear Past Self, 


I know you don't believe them when they say, 

Don't you worry now, it won't always be so grey. 

Yet here you are, so stressed you can hardly think. 

So depressed you've felt your entire heart sink. 


Moving forward is harder than it looks. 

I know your life isn't like a fairytale book. 

Your life is a mess and not a masterpiece. 

It is tearing you are apart piece by piece. 


You are asking yourself a million questions.

Sitting there tired of all these crying sessions. 

You don't think you can carry on anymore. 

This life has become an ongoing war. 


But kid, if you don't believe them then listen to me. 

Everything is going to be okay, not everyone leaves. 

You are moving on to bigger and better things. 

Because one day you are going to spread those wings. 


All you have to do is take life bit by bit. 

Don't you dare even attempt to quit.

This world may seem tough and strange. 

But life as you know it will begin to change. 



The One Who Survived 

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