Diamonds and Thorns

Flashback and I’m off to the races driving so fast laying on the pavement

The road so clear falling from graces and I die waiting on your greatness

Never sleeps lost in amazement I never had patience everything changes

Searching for a better me flying with the angels I never did well with two faces


Now we’re at the point where everything turned to stone

World is so deserted sitting inside of a dome  so alone

With my thoughts I feel right at home feelings free roam

I write what’s in my soul until I’m dead and gone


Without a care in the world not even for the girls

Don’t concern me with make up diamonds and pearls

Just be who you are you have a wonderful voice

Of the voiceless don’t take it by force


Play at second base I arrive late

Better that than never hold your own weight

Lifting  off my shoulders this is not fate

I spent majority of my life being  afraid


Of anything that comes my way it’s a cyclical state

Of mind nothing but cynical thoughts filled with hate

Eating the world alive I need a need a new plate

I’ve done all I can close to point of break checkmate


I’ve done everything I can hope you understand

Clock stares back at me with broken hands

Reaching to heaven catering to every demand

When I’ll come down where will I land


I never done anything like this before

Battling with demons shaking to my core

You never know what’s going on behind closed doors

I’m dancing but everywhere I go I see Diamonds and Thorns


I hope everything is well and it’ll stays yours

I hope  this fire doesn’t burn you oh Lord

I just want to go around the world

And with you by my side we can do a lot more


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