"Less Than Half"


Dear Father,


Dependent on chance are my regards

Every event while unremarkable alone was remarkable in odds

A minority in minorities made by circumstances

Because of you


Long before my say

Your legacy set my way

Begotten by poverty and crafted by abandonment

Your memories ones you deny to untwist have given this


It was not always recognisable to me

Half of me was of the majority

Mom was always angry when I echoed what was said

But they never were about me


Until  started looking for that identity

I went home alone that land lifted out of poverty

Making up for lost time

I thought I got what I thought I was looking for


After returning do I feel as I do now

Welcomed I was you distanced me

Or rather mom did

Yet you have always been more her that you


Now that I’m back in the States

I don’t know what I am

I can’t pretend to be mom like you do

Yet what you, I am is still foreign to me


You never told me what you could never teach me


This poem is about: 
My family
My country
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