A Famished Heart

"Dearly Beloved..."Stunned, I am amazed by this purgatory endured for loving you; dwindling morals and virtues as the ticking beast in my chest grows more enamored of solely you. This perpetual state of pretending, this furtive monster, rabidly pounds against my chambers to have enough of you. Feasting on the morsels of our casual badinage renders it hungry for more. Your companionship showers me with adrenaline, and your smile saturates me with a high richer than the taste of fine wine- Yet I know not the palate of your requited passions. If I hadn’t known that our lips would never waltz and that our bodies would never spend the night in a fervent caress, I wouldn’t live so ravaged by agony. Thump, thump, thump, goes the beast who thrashes against the barriers of right and wrong. You, my friend, my guide, my light, you crave what I do, I am certain, but from a beast of another. Already tamed and claimed and loyal to one another, thou tender coveted warmth to her thaws my feeble pet bound to a leash. Silently, I do melt at the merriment I see in you. I melt at the one who makes your vivacious gleam. I do, while the life in me shatters at the hands of my self-gorging heart. I do.


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My community
Our world
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