My Sweet America, I'm Tired of Being Tested

I walk around my little suburban town with hope tucked away in my heart.

But this hope is tested by the deconstruction of Art Galleries for Valeros.

This hope is tested by the defunding of public school liberal arts programs for missile defense.

This hope is tested by the enforcement of STEM careers over English in elementary school, elementary school.

This hope is tested by the sneer of the culture and my parents when I recall that my favorite class of the day was english, not calculus.

And soon this hope will be tested to the point of extinction.

However, if we as Americans begin to deconstruct Valeros for Art Galleries.

Defund missile defense for pubic school liberal arts programs.

Enforce English as a career in elementary school.

Reverse the sneer of the culture towards english as a subject.

THEN we will no longer perpetuate the stigma of English as simply a frivilous subject that Americans see no value in.

And in this, my hope is set free.

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