Picture this.....one of the most beautiful women you've ever seen. Taking photos of the city lights. All you can see if her pale skin glowing as she clicks the flash button. You blink twice to take a photo memory of her yellow scarf that never seemed to brighten her day, her red lips that gave you blood rush to your head, or that broken hour glass of hers that couldn't turn back time.....zoom in closer to focus your matters of attention.

Don't overlook the one of a kind personality that seems to be lingering in the background, She's not perfect so don't expect it, her mood changes like filters. You can't crop out whatever you want.

Maybe you should stop picturing......and start doing. Hold her hand as tight as she holds the tripod. Be that once in a lifetime story that can't be forgotten. Smile because this is the best scenery you're going to get.



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