Eye of the Storm

In this hurricane of a life
I spend my days drowning,
standing sideways against the waves.
Every time I get back up,
The currents get stronger.
I gasp for air,
Only getting a mouthful of regret.
I stumble blindly around
Grasping for anything solid and still.
All at once, I fall into serenity.
Chaos surrounds me, but as I open my eyes
I stare into the eye of the storm.
You stand there with open arms,
And I fall, choking up sea water, into your embrace.
You put your lips on mine and I taste the sweet release of oxygen--
As my lungs reanimate, a minute before collapse.
I look into your cool blue eyes
And the gray waters around us fall away.
You weave your fingers between mine and lead me back into the storm.
But this time,
I stand strong as the lighthouse guiding us to safety.
I have no fear with you beside me,
And the years I spent getting tossed around by the ocean
Seem like centuries ago.

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