Your Clown

Wed, 12/28/2016 - 15:51 -- Ty-Ty

Look me in my eyes

Do you see the pain?

The pain I hide 

Look at my smile

Do you see the pain?

The pain that I hide

Im guessing you don't

Because I am the clown of the circus

Making everyone happy 

But behind the mask I wear a frown

Drowing in tears every night 

The mental works shutting down

I hear the rusted gears griding, trying to get to work

But they cant, And

This makes me go to physical pain

One cut, two cut

Drip drop

The sound of blood and flesh leaving the muscle

Hitting the ground

As time moves on, so do I

I resolve to ink and lead 

Letting the poison consume me

It stings like hell

But I continue 

Canvas is messy but I continue til Im satisfied

Looking at the art Im leaving behind

Feeling the ink and lead consume me

Satisfying the anger and pain and rage 

Leaving the open wound leftovers to bacteria 

"Who cares if I leave Earth, Im done"

I say as I 

Pop one pill, two pill, six pills


Hopind, wishing to never see light again

But I am your clown here to make you happy

.....Notice the signs help someone you think may be going through this 

Help someone if you think they may be suicidal or thinking about it,

Help someone who is mentally disable because we see it as "oh they will be okay"




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My community
My country
Our world
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