Dreams of Reality

Your soft touch and sweet words

keep my dreams alive,

Dreams of tomorrow and better

days to come,

Days where your smile isn't

anything more than a kiss

away from reality,

A kiss away from me.


My world right now is bleak and dry,

without romance or a hand to hold.

My heart right now is a salted field,

but thoughts of you revive the soil

and cause my veins to flourish with love.

The fields you sow in me are more

alive than any spring in the world.

Thoughts of you are what bloom

the roses inside my heart.


A day with you is enough to keep my dreams alive,

The thought of you is enough 

to inspire a fire of faith

for me to believe in love,

A day with you is enough to keep me going.


You are my dreams, my love.

I will dream of you another night

because each night I dream

I become close to you and

closer I become.

I will dream of you

until you're next to me,

No further than a kiss away from reality,

A kiss away from me. 


When I wake to find you here,

by my side where we belong,

Then I'll know it's real

and I'll never sleep again.


I'll find the time to dream at night,

but once you're here

I'll never close my eyes, so

I never have to wake from reality.

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