Falling Up

She falls apart often

she pretends it’s alright

But she goes back to that night

it wasn’t the first, it wasn’t the last

but it was the one that shattered her mask

she ignored the things from the past

but this clawed at her insides

she held it back

she found someone to hide her shame in

She was good and fine

she wouldn’t let him touch her but never told why

at most it was 

“I’ve had unwanted experiences” 

and that was all

He eventually left

she couldn’t hide any more

the shame attacked her

what was this feeling

why was she falling apart constantly


she decided to make art 

paint, draw, and write.

she wrote a poetic speech

she read that speech 

she shouted at the world what happened to her

told her story of sexual assault hundreds of times

to the people she knew

and the people she didn’t know

as she told it more often

something changed within her

she was different

she spoke her mind

she speaks her mind

she still falls but she thrives

she will not hide

she will use her passion and make a change

she will use her words and never be the same

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