A thousand eyelids fluttering in the dim light

Millions of whispers piled deep into my head

Breathy voices that don’t recall anything other than me

Yet so many stories they will never share

You think into my ear

And leave white tears upon my pillows

Do you forget the things you haven’t learned?

Is all that ever was only in my head?

Will you leave me some day, in a storm of clouds and rust?

Upturned by overtures and overturned by shadows,

Leaving traces of pillow feathers on top of my arms

Cradling my sleeping breath into your soul stealing bag of dreams

You’ll take more than just yourselves, you know

You’re part of me, don’t you see

I’ll break without you here inside me

Clutching my memories, they’re all I have left

Until you’ve gone, but the pain will never leave me

And my world is so sore

From all the blood

I’ve scratched out of it.

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