Equality Within the Ship

If you really loved me

you really Loved me

Really loved me


The sounds of a rotting relationship.

When a person really loves another,

it becomes more about the 'you' 

than the 'me';

but if I value the you

and you value the you--

Then we are both held to the highest value in each other's pupils;

your resonating corneas look to me as rose gold,

and I see you in the same light of love.

Love can be a watermelon that you have grown

Safely in your garden, you water it.

However, suppressed in the garage it sits

until the texture is quite bothersome.

Still reasonable to eat, but not at all satisfying.

Would you treat yourself to a mushy watermelon?

Or rather none at all; to wait for another season

Of ripeness in a Different fruit?

I urge you! It is not healthy to put up with a stale slice of melon.

For whatever reason, even if it be time.

Carefully, walk away from the rotten fruit.

It is when we are not equals, here the fruit starts to rot.

If I were to look at you--immediately-- think upon unwavering

instinct that I were better than you and you

my now fake, rotted fruit owed me for being in the group.

The friendship, relationship, kinship group.

To be in any of my ship groups, you must be my equal

Because You Really Love Me.

Because you really love Us

I can tell that you respect me in spite of your playful teasing,

Positively I am eye to eye with you 

and you to I.

The ripest part of our fruit is our love for 

each other which exceeds our own selfishness.

But not so that we devalue ourselves,

You and I so that we are Both lifted up

Sacrifices and compromises are equal.

Together you and I,

We will grow the healthiest ship.


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