Caldy HIll


United Kingdom

A little sparkle.

That’s what you were.

A little blue cross

A little green pulse

A little heartbeat

Of pure spirit

That lit us up with love.

Your struggle for the chance to be born

Wasn’t to be.

So now, we must let you rest.

Rest easy.

You haven’t gone.

Our sadness will remember you

In an empty park swing

In an empty space

Where a cuddle should be,

A moment of heartbreak

Among the heather.

We’ll let you sleep close to the nature

You’d have loved

And we’d have tried to show you:

The fresh fun of a walk in the hills

And a breathless tumble down a grassy riverbank,

How to spot the colours of a kestrel,

The difference between bees and wasps

And how to avoid nettles

(though we’re not too good at that,

you’d have needed to be patient).

But though you are gone you’re still with us

And your gifts linger

In the early summer sunlight,

In the crisp breeze off the late spring river,

The pink of rose petals and the flutter of cherry blossom,

The honeyed smile of a full moon,

The distant souls of a million

Flickering stars,

And the sad incipience of something simple-

A tiny heart that slowed,

That never quite arrived

And gently, exquisitely, broke ours.

Wherever you are little sparkle

Sparkle on.



Little missed one,

Haunting us always.


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My family
Our world
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