How easy it is,

To stand and look pretty

While taking a photo.


As I see the image that others see—

Joyful but Smart.

Peaceful but Silly.



How can I live to these expectations?

They see the façade,

They see the good side,

They think they see the full me.


I can’t be everyone’s moon anymore

Shining light to everyone

While hiding my dark points.

Everyone sees me and knows who I am—

Knows what I do.

But what if the reflection of the sun goes away?

What if I have nothing to show?


To the world, I’m just an image,

A picture

of frozen happiness—

of perfection.


I get good grades.

I act like I know everything.

I act nice.

I act happy.

Yet I have no salary?


I put on a show

That everyone loves to see.

People see and enjoy

What I produce.


I’m tired of performing.

I want to show everything

Even to those who think they know me.

It’s the only thing I fear.


I can’t hide anymore.

I appreciate those who seek,

Those who know it’s only a mask

They understand that it takes too much

To make one every day.


Somedays, I give up.

I try to continue

But I run out

Of the ingredients

I use to make my life

Seem perfect.


The image—

Joyful but Smart.

Peaceful but Silly.



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