Why can't she see?

I watch as she says she loves him

The way he loves isn't love

Why can't she see 

He beats her when she does something wrong

She says she'll leave him

But it's not true

The next day she says he's her prince

I pretend to say I'm happy for her

I lie and yet I want to say run from him

Why can't she see

Her life has ended

and yet she still has so much

to live for

Why can't she see

Her prince is really an abuser

She lies about how happy she is

This isn't love but

Why can't she see

I pray she'll see one day

That everything he is

Is a lie

I hope one day she will see

But for now she is blind

Her rosecolored world is all she has

One day she will see 

This poem is about: 
Our world
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