The Ghosts of Snowflakes


United States
33° 31' 50.07" N, 80° 20' 36.9276" W

Snowflakes are one-of-a-kind,

And so are humans,

At least,

That's what they tell us.


We have this imaginary scale

That we all measure up to.



You can see the faint number above a person's head,

Floating like a small ghost over their shoulder.

It shows their societal worth,

On that imaginary scale.

But, all ghosts do is haunt,

And, in reality, 

They're just a figment of our imaginations.


But maybe,

Just maybe,

What I've learned,

Is to surround myself,

With salt barriers.

And how to hunt

the ghosts that haunt us.


Mayber I've realized that snowflakes

Have it good,

No one compares them.

No matter the storm,

The cold,

Or the place,

A snowflake is a snowflake.


And I,

Am just me









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