to myself; learning

I’m not really sure how to start here

So I guess I’ll start with something like


My name is Jaime

and sometimes when I smile I feel as if my heart might might leap out of my chest and my feet might fly away

sometimes I feel as if my dreams are too big for the sky to swallow

and when i wish on a penny in a fountain i secretly think it might come true

i believe in miracles

and sometimes when I laugh, I snort

but i guess that's okay

I want to travel everywhere because There’s no place I don’t wanna be, other than where I am

And I guess that makes me a restless spirit

or maybe it just means i feel a need to run away

But i guess I’m okay with that

If I could change my name to anything it would be to Emma, because I remember in 7th grade, I was always jealous of emma.

I remember noticing for the first time that everybody’s body was different, and I wanted hers

and i have learned that a magic trick is not so magical after all

an abracadabra cannot make someone want to get out of bed

and presto can't make it all go away

and fear is something that is created within our own heads, and fabricated into our reality

but maybe we can make it go away if we really try

maybe we can try a little harder to make it all better

i'm not afraid of falling

but instead i'm afraid of whats going to happen the very moment my body hits the ground

i'm not broken

but i've been bruised

and i still like heights anyways

my greatest wish was always to be somebody else other than myself

now my only wish is to be okay with myself

and i'm getting there

and sometimes when i talk about myself i get nervous

and sometimes when i write i tremble

so sometimes i write in the form of poetry

my name is jaime

im 18 years old

and im not really sure how to end here

so i guess i’ll end with something like

my name is jaime

and im still learning

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