A Royal Sacrifice

All I need is the silky touch of you,

Oh, how I love the texture and length

Of your soul. You make my days

Brighter, cleaner, whiter.


All I need is the sight of you

To know that I will be safe

From the rashes of the outside

And I just cannot stand being apart

From you for more than 3 times

A day.


All I need is the sound of you,

The unfurling of your body,

Selflessly sacrificing yourself to others.

How I admire your bravery to

See the unknown.


All I need is the smell of you,

That signature lavender scent

Which captivates and distracts me from

The wreckage that is your world.


Although this is not permanent,

All I need is you,

The rolls and tissue that make up

Who you are.


Toilet paper,

How my body could not survive

Without your 2 ply makeup

And varying sizes.

Bulk, discounted, and all

I need your touch, sight,

Sound, smell.


Your world is my

Porcelain throne,

But you are the royalty.


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