The shadow

Like a shadow in the sun, 

I followed.

I conformed to what others told me I should be.

Following the social norm,

I was content with fitting in.

I could be easily swayed one way or the other;

Agreed with what the majority thought.

But that was before.

I am now a centered, immovable tree,

That is not easily swayed.

I am no longer the production of society.

I think my own thoughts,

And take my own actions.

I do what I believe is right,

And am not concerned with what others think.

I strive to be better and better everyday, 

And don't settle for "average".

I am going to change this world,

By being myself. 

For the grace of the Lord. 

I fly amongst the clouds now. 

And there is no shadow to be seen.


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My community
Our world
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