Banging Heads


For a minute you liked me.

The next blink set me free.

Was it easy for your misery?

“ There were reasons to believe . No jokers and no sleeve .”

A battle of iron wills with nary a reprieve .



“You’re sketchy on the details ...”

That’s what she finally said .

Empty jet black eyes ... she shook her pretty head .

Go on out and live . Don’t be afraid to die .

“You don’t believe in God ... don’t even try .”


Well I believe in you and the universe and what you mean to it.

Definitely not wired to go ahead and quit .

You’re just so stubborn it’s far past ridiculous.

Giving in or up .... a soul would be remiss.

Just another day and a little of  time  .


Tomorrow’s for living and today’s for giving .

A mind and a bed both to be unmade .

The best of plans that never were laid .

The Flanders blues are happening again .

Giving in would be the ultimate of sins .

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The Flanders Blues ..... Look it up ... Who says watching TV is a complete waste?

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