I Am Melodic Origin of Ornithology

I whistle a tune 

unbeknownst to all

subjugating aerodynamics

take flight in the V, they quack

no? I chose the letter G


I hum a melody

that pricks the ears of Grays

shall they

of the highest regard

the most

distinguished ornithological 



but it is my tune

and my own


fly fast, unfocused!

but I shall continue my G plunking journey


I lull the world a measure

wrinkling the snouts

of hosts whose laughs

too loud

whose ideas

too jaded 

whose quarter notes

too staccato

and no vibrato

D U L L  and fleeting

are their spirits

but mine will forever carry

such immortal symphonies

of metaphysical consciousness

in honor such, I loop the G and spit on the V


I whistle

I hum

I lull

however dynamic

stills sings the same song

so nauseating to raining rainbows

but to the real vomiting prisms?


it is my tune

and my own

and I a lonely wanderer

with the real rainbow in tow by Purple wagon

ring the G note aloud

and fly the G solo


ever wonder where the birds heard their tunes?

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