Overcoming Fear: A Sister's Promise

Emotions are strong


Emotions are dangerous


Emotions are to be feared


For thirteen years I denied my own nature, denied the person I was, and proclaimed myself Queen of the Unfeeling, Master of Apathy. If I can never feel pain, I can never cause pain. (I wrote your name on my list of sins every night.)


You are light and warmth, loyalty and kindness, and yet you still cried for your big sister, for me, everyday that the white snow fell from heaven to smother the spring flowers in their cradle while the sky turned white in mourning, the same white that almost killed you.


Why do you still bother with me?


(Your disapointed silence is louder than the shouts of delight from our childhood, when you would beg me to make it snow just one more time, just a for a little while?)


Even the worst of winter’s end, snow receding once Mother Nature demands justice for her children, but when you command Mother Nature herself, who is there to hold you accountable?


You are summer and I am winter, but surely in the infinite number of worlds in the infinite number of realities, there is one where they can coincide.


We will find that world, and form a kingdom from the fragmented pieces of our childhood, to finally become the sisters we were meant to be. (A kingdom where ice and snow are beauty, not death, and happiness is everlasting.)


Emotions are strong


Emotions are dangerous


Emotions are to be feared



But I'm not afraid anymore


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T.K. Lynn

A poem about Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

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