Eyes See the Potential for Change

I see your glittering eyes 

and the crinkled skin around them.

Your joy is a spark of love

that will soon flame into passion.


How I envy your delight

and the way it motivates you.

I’m inspired to look for 

something that brings me happiness.



I see your drowning eyeballs

in a rushing river of tears.

Sorrow is suffocating

what’s left of former happiness. 


I want to make it stop.

I want to take away the pain.

I’m inspired to adhere

a smile back onto your face.



When I look into your eyes 

they act as magical mirrors

reflecting for me to see 

the way the universe knows me.


I‘m a drop of potential 

rippling lives like ocean waves.

I’m inspired to bring joy 

and find a way to relieve pain.

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Our world
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