A big sister's little goodbyes.

When you’re sleeping I sometimes lay my head on your chest,

You’re always so busy.

These are the times in which I indulge on the symphony that is your heartbeat,

My little crusader it pains me that this you won’t remember.

Our shared memories will fade,

The cadence of our lullabies slowly forgotten,

Everything will be a distant hum of what once was…

Why do these things happen?

Most people plant trees and cope with never basking in its shade,

But I can’t bear the idea of not witnessing your colors change in the autumn,

Selfishly I want this to last forever.

How do I fight something that can’t be seen?

I just want more time, but to say that I need it… That would be false.

I need you to remember.

My heart is starting to wander, and soon it won’t be mines to catch,

Will still you still look up to a familiar stranger?


This must be adulthood, to love something enough to leave it.

Despite the decades left to explore…

The child that I cherish now will only remain in my memories,

And those before me.


This poem is about: 
My family
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