The journey

When the door shuts behind me

The walls begin to crumble 

The word hope as left my reach as it flies into the submessive dark 

How did i get here? 

In a world that is not perfect 

A young teenage couple travled the journey of dreams 

Although their life have been nighmares 

They cross the neverending land and water 

For what they call a future

The land of freedom 

How did i get here? 

They left their families with bleeding tears

Left their hearts dig under the dead soil

They ran the roaring darkness as they fled to freedom

For what they call a future

How did i get here?

Once arraving in the foregin land they spoke words they didn't understand

Took jobs no one eles wanted

Worked till the sun went down 

How did I get here? 

The question keeeps me awake 

As it inspires my dreams 

So when the door opens, I run free

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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