Straight Jacket

Hard to hate when he’s liked:

A million reasons to keep fighting but he justs sits.

Thoughts that scream in his mind but stay mute to the one he claims he loves.

Why does he do this?

Why does she put up with this?


She knows he’s not what he says,

She knows he hides behind a mask of words, but she refuses to admit it.

Too hung up in a dream world of a high school romance she is blind.

Wasting her time on a delusion that will never become reality,

Throwing away the best days of her life on someone who doesn’t deserve her worst days.

She tells her best friend he won’t get away with this again,

All she wants to know is he’s miserable.

Failing to cut the tethers that bound their disgraceful relationship;

The future becomes apparent:

She will be trapped in a dead-end relationship.

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