Endless Summer, Thunder or Spring Air?


United States
30° 50' 22.5456" N, 88° 21' 46.026" W

I feel the smell and the color change,

heard the sea back then in May, 

The sky, The sky so pink in spring, and in summer air so blue,

sometimes turns gray, almost black, 

but it is still July.


Then I remember that place, where is always gray almost black, 

where there is no sea but an ugly river, 

wearing long sleeves and heavy shoes, 

is that how I remember my place?,

or is it how I felt back there?



Endless spring, where I was born,

full of green, not pink at all, 

 but I forgot, what is the color of heaven in there?

right, the entire green place is heaven, 

do not look at the sky, you are already above it, 

happiness took you there. 


Where am I supposed to stay? At the river, heaven or in summer air?,

guess I must look deep in my heart, 

myself, me, the happy one, you want the blue sea, 

and the desperate one, go to where you use to be and do not move on with me, 

perfect life, no lies, no emptiness, no hopelessness,

stay where is the endless spring

I will come back when my soul searches for heaven again. 


Chose between sadness and perfection, 

but how am I going to be a human if I do not fight my battles?,

it is hard, but will be worth it, 

I choose preoccupations, not peace, 

I want to see the world, not the bubble where I used to live. 


I will achieve my goal and then will go for peace,

 when I know I Left my legacy in this world

will sleep in my grave, during spring air. 

only green around and nothing else,

no more seas and thunders, 

I will rest above the air. 

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