Her, My Sun

Ruby, rose, cinnamon and scarlet

paint my body in dancing fragments of light

as the sun closes her left eye

and hugs boundless mirrors of sea,

I watch her life begin to fade

as the fingers of trees fall

only to be crumpled and swept

under the concrete rugs. 


Have I ever told her I love 

the way she gently touches my shoulder at dawn

when she kisses me good-morning, 

and lulls me out of my daze,

the way she holds my hand 

as I hold his heart,

steadily dripping behind me.


She shows me fear in a heap of your tears

glistening only in her golden touch, 

and shows me pain in his blistered hands

once obscured by darkness and the hint of 

the moon, her brother,

who only shows slivers of his scars, 

but she reveals them wholly.


She weaves me into her web, 

leaving me suspended in her warmth 

I melt out of my delicate body

and into her embrace,

she cradles me like a mother 

licking away longing and regret,

I crave her comfort, her resilience

I need her love- deep and never unrequited,

her, my sun

I cannot live without

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