Wed, 08/30/2017 - 18:05 -- eferg1

Rapunzel, Rapunzel had a lot of hair

So thick, so dense

No stylist would dare


She stayed in a tower

In the middle of town

Combing and spraying

Detangling and braiding


When they hear her name

It’s a shame

Cascading blonde

No, they got it all wrong

Yes, her locks are long, like endless waves

Infinite spirals and kinks

Cosmic DNA

A mane so regal, locked away

Waxed mahogany in the sun’s rays

Yet, the color of midnight in a shadow of day

On a woman so complex, keen, bright


Dealing with microaggressions

Everyday slights


The door wasn’t locked to the elevator

But someone held Rapunzel back

She can’t be a traitor

Mothers know best

They’ve seen it all:

Hansel and Gretel’s story

The wolf, on Wall Street

Humpty’s great fall…

She says it’s a cruel world out there

Full of nasties and hate

They’ll take what they want

Nowhere is safe

That’s why you carry your switchblade and mace


What about the good?

Rapunzel thought hard

Insta and Snap

Full of beauty, memes

Laughter, jokes

Culture, art

All kinds of nice folks


She tells one story

I read another

To find the truth

I must discover

The real world beyond this tower

The world of animals

Ravenous for power

Yet selfless love for one another


She reached ground floor

Opened the final gate door

Caterpillars transforming into butterflies

Trembling in her stomach


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