It always seemed that the clock would find a way to reset.

If the clock eventually stopped working.

Well , a stranger always seemed to have a watch.

If there wasn’t s stranger handy ....

Night and day were pretty obvious ....

Prodigal benders and sons.

There would usually be a Newsstand with the days paper.

Living in the now. 

Thats what they would say .

Who are they?

Forty years later and it’s still nonsense.

Through all this though .

There was a debt that needed to be paid .

This was our dance of shame.

Why’d you die before the music stopped?

That wasn’t a grip of fun.

My eyes and opinions grew over the first thirteen.

When your ship would come in .

Couldn’t just wave me through.

No one really cared about that ship.

why didn’t you just row the lifeboat?

It was all about getting back to even with you.

Mixed metaphors and meandering lines.

Or was that for you ?

Inspite of you?

Spite for you ?

Those never ending scores.

Should have pulled the goalie.

It didn’t give me the right Dad .

You never had the right though.

My mixed emotions aren’t subtle.

They tend to go to extremes.

Its a violent world in here .

Nothing numbs it either.


All I ever wanted..........

Love you Dad.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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It’s ironic that I edited this remembrance to my father.

He told me about doing things half ass..

The devil in whatever form anyone imagines is out there.

Whoever talks about simple ..... had it wrong.

Whoever said that love is the answer ..... Is correct.

My validation of the obvious is irrelevant.


i would only say that if at all possible ... keel the lines of communication clear with those yiu love . When the wires get crossed it's absolutely brutal trying to straighten them . They also carry live current .

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