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Holding onto

A storm is impossible

When lightning stings,

Drops falls, Clouds roll,

And it hurts to hold on

To the rain storm.


That’s what you are:

The rain storm.

You, who flashed into my life,

You, who struck in with

Nothing but a name

And I thought that maybe

Just maybe

A silly naive girl like me

could keep up with a raging storm like you.


I was wrong of course,

But you kept rolling forward

Blocking any sun

Hiding any gentleness

But still your rain was warm

And that made the lightning strike

Not once

Not twice

But every day

Every hour

Every second

And it hurt to hold on to you.


So I tried to let go but it was too late.

I was caught riding the dark clouds and nothing was okay

Because you were turning into a hurricane.


No longer were your scathing words

Directed away

Away from me and at someone else

Because now they were mine

Lightning never strikes the same place twice but that’s just wrong

Because lightning was striking me

And it hurt because I was still holding on

And I wanted to let go


But you were holding onto me too.


And holding onto

My storm is impossible too

When torrents blow,

Branches whistle, leaves fly,

And it hurts to hold onto

A wind storm.


That’s who I was:

The wind storm

I, who blew into your life,

I, who thundered in with

Nothing but a nervous smile

And you thought that maybe

Just maybe

A selfish angry girl could be calmed by a wind storm like me.


We were both wrong in the end.

We kept pushing forward

Leaving a path of destruction

With a breeze we brought them up

With the rain we tore them down

And that made the storm wild




The ground with our



And it hurt to hold onto each other


So we tried to let go

But that hurt us too.

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